I like to say when I'm not shooting videos or documentaries for work, I'm shooting videos and documentaries for fun. As well as writing stories and poems, taking photos, shooting time lapses. I love making things, below are some of the things I love to do just for fun or personal interest. More to come soon! 


Brad Leitch


Christmas 2019

Ski Day with the In-laws!


One of my hobbies is photographing the sky. I love the dark and moody colours of a prairie storm, the endlessly dynamic form the clouds take as they roll off the ocean water or climb the mountain ridge. Enjoy some photos in a few of the places I call home.


Storm Footage

Many summer nights spent chasing prairie storms. I only had to walk half a block from my home to watch this one though!


Rally for Sardasht Osman - Iraqi Kurdistan

In 2010 I did some peacework in Iraqi Kurdistan. A few days after my arrival a young local journalist was assassinated.  We accompanied family, friends and local community members in a rally in Suli.

Poetry Film - Nameless

Poetry Film, just for fun. Written and filmed by Brad Leitch. Music by Hans Zimmer. Thank-you Hans!



Part One: The Way of the Winter Storm

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