Let's build peace together with Rebel Sky Media's Community Service/Peacebuilding Discount. To learn more follow the button below.

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Are you a non-profit, community organization, social justice or peacebuilding group that would like to produce a video but are working on a limited budget?

Rebel Sky Media may be able to offer a discount to  your group.

We love supporting people who are doing good work in the community. For the last ten years Rebel Sky Media has supported many projects that otherwise could not of been made. In 2019 alone we gave over $5000 in peacebuilding discounts to qualifying clients.


From time to time we have limited resources ourselves. But if we can't help out on the financial side of things, perhaps we can find someone who may be able to offer financial assistance to your project. So let's chat!

Click on the button below and send me a message. I would love to hear more and what it is you are dreaming up!

"There is no greater agony than bearing an

untold story inside of you".

- Maya Angelou